Welcome to Rich and Jacks website. Here you will find a presentable background on us both (the dodgy stuff we aren't telling) as well as future plans, from upcoming club nights (see Vinyl Zoo link) to our wedding on 28 February 2004. If you have any feedback, tell someone who cares......

Jaqueline Clay, aka Pink Kitty, was born in Lisbon, Portugal on 22 March 1972. Fortunately, she does not look this old and takes much amusement when people think Rich is older than her. In the week, she works for Aussie travel company Flight Centre, at weekends she is Pink Kitty, a photographic menace on the club scene in London. Check out the Photo Gallery for evidence.

Q: What are your favourite things?
A: Going away with Rich. Anywhere is good, but exotic is best. Music, chocolate, wine, cinema, books, my 'garden' , horses, taking photos, not necessarily in that order!

Q: Whats your least favourite thing?
A: Lazy people. Bullies. Beetroot. Parnsip.

Q: Future plans?
A: Get married to Rich and go on a 3 week honeymoon to Australia. Move into a bigger house! Get loads of pets. Be the next Annie Liebowitz.

Richard Bush, aka RedCaT, was born in Ashford, Kent, on 13 August 1977. This makes him Jack's toyboy! By day he is a mild mannered janitor, sorry, web designer for Computer Weekly.com. At night, his alternative persona reveals itself to be RedCaT, co-founder of record label 'Vinyl Zoo' and hard trance & techno DJ. He can been seen playing out all over the London Club scene, particularly in Brixton. Check out the Vinyl Zoo link above for his next gig.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: Jack and Music

Q: What drive you nuts?
A: ????

Q: Whats your next project?
A: After getting married, looking forward to finding our perfect house.